Mama Growing Pains

"I want to have your baby"
Songs written by those gone crazy
Our love would drown in the diaper changes
And sleepless nights
Leading to reasonless fights
Just because things don't feel right
Cuz we're constantly itching for something more
Continuously plagued by moment-to-moment bore-dom

I once was able
Now free time is just a fable
So I'm less capable
But life's not less escapable

Trained on television
Lacked a vision
For what was to come
Tryin' to learn Britney's moves
When really I would have done
Better to get a job and start the daily grind
Too much fun and whimsy
My childhood a lie
Too much free time

Now's not the time for culture shock
Raising this 4-year old gift that I got
Trying so hard to show up
So afraid to F up
Every decision—the weight goes up and up

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