New Year’s Resolution of Self-Compassion

How is everyone’s new year going? In the Jewish calendar, the Jewish New Year is followed by a few more holidays and the festivities culminate after about a month. And it’s a letdown to get back to “regular” life.

Christmas begins this festive time of year for many, continued for some through the 12 days of Christmas, which ends this coming Thursday.

Another way to characterize the end of this festive season is when winter break ends for schools. Whether your own child is returning to school or you experience the traffic associated with schools reopening, there is certainly somewhat of a letdown as we get back into the swing of things.

But what of those crystal clear visions we had for ourselves just days ago?

What of our greater life goals?

It’s easy for those to fall by the wayside as we endeavor to keep up once again with the workaday world.

It’s hard to stay anchored in our deepest visions when things get busy again. But it’s not impossible.

Part of my New Year’s goals was to have greater self-compassion and prioritize self-care—even if that means leaving a project unfinished to spend an hour or so on restoration and healing.

So far since the new year has begun, I’ve had that desire to push through and work extra long to achieve the gratification of completing a project. But each time my energy was waning and I needed a break!

Well, instead of pushing through, I gave myself that much-needed—and I’d add well-deserved—break. I chose honoring my whole self. Building self-trust that I would pick up where I left off the following day.

I chose to no longer be led by my mind at the expense of my spirit. I took a break and celebrated what I’d accomplished thus far. I practiced gratitude instead of simply taking it for granted and demanding a perfect final product.

This self-work is continuous. I am far from arriving and constantly a work in progress. But in the spirit of self-compassion, I accept that.

What’s better? To be on the ball, or in the ball?

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