Karaoke: On-the-Go Self-Expression

When you’re a parent, you’re often on the go with you kiddos or spending time with them. Which is great! Is just means less time for self-care. Which is not so great. Much like the irony of how a parent needs extra sleep to replenish from the demands of having a new infant, yet are so severely sleep-deprived, so too, parents always need a little extra self-care to make up for the fact that they are sustaining another human being (or more than one), organizing their lives, empathizing with them, taking them places, etc, etc. But with all there is to do, time wanes and so does opportunity for self-care!

Enter karaoke!

A lovely and cathartic activity that you can do at home with your child or while on the go.

You can memorize your favorite (clean) lyrics and teach them to your child to create a sing-a-long and/or you can use the car radio for inspiration.

Just because the song was written by someone else/for someone else by multiple writers, if you resonate with it, it becomes your own.

Karaoke—self-expression on the go!

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