The Life of a Psalms Author

Psalms are emotionally validating as well as beautiful poetry. I know that King David went through a lot, which inspired what he wrote.

I went back to read about his life in the Book of Samuel.

And I realized, I rather read his universally relatable poetry than know the nitty gritty of his messy life.

It reminded me of when I like several songs by a certain singer, so I look them up on Wikipedia. It’s cool to learn about them, but it chips away a bit from the power their art has on me.

On one level, knowing about the artist’s life breeds further inspiration. What they accomplished, obstacles over which they prevailed.

On the other hand, it takes away from the universal relatability of their art.

There is something so visceral, so pure, about art.

The way it plunges through the chambers of one’s heart, pierces one’s soul. The exact circumstances getting to that point of expression, of realization, are not as relevant as the pure expression itself.

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