Seeking Self-Care: Balancing Our Children’s Needs with Our Needs

This afternoon I spent my lunch break taking my daughter to the doctor for a sick visit. I was grateful that the doctor could fit her in at the time I requested. When I returned, my co-teacher asked me how she was doing. I was grateful that she cared about my daughter—her former “student”—but I was eager to get a bite to eat, being that it was already 2:15 and I hadn’t eaten lunch yet.

The thing about being a mom is that there is virtually no time for oneself; carving out time for self-care can be as hard as carving a turkey on Thanksgiving. I was blessed to be able to take my lunch break to take care of my daughter, but what about me? Am I no longer a human with needs now that I am caring for the life of another?

Of course, I am. Which is why I politely and mindfully went to get some food right after I returned from the doctor appointment. Because I am human. And my needs matter. After all, how can I take care of my child if I do not take care of myself?

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