TBT: The Backstory to My Story

I started writing the year after my father passed away.

I had written poems and songs since I was a kid, but these writings were different. They expressed a voice inside of me that I only became introduced to after the sudden passing of my father in the Fall of 2006. I had always been one to keep to the straight and narrow and do what I was told, and when I experienced the sudden loss of my father, I felt that the universe was giving me permission to begin to question, to begin to inject my personality into my surroundings.  I was no longer in the box. I was pushed out of the box and I would never go back in.

My writings were a way for me to find self-expression and liberation. They were not my only form of expression in response to my father’s death, but they were what I kept coming back to time and time again.  Work stresses, physical injuries, and unhealthy relationships came and went, and when I would get my feet back on the ground and my soul recentered, I would return to my writing.

My writings evolved over the years. But each time I sat down to write, or more often, each time an idea began to sprout in my mind and write itself, I was listening to the same inner voice that introduced itself to me 8 years before.  Life is not easy, but my greatest fear would never consume me – I would never be alone.  That small, still voice inside of me would accompany me in the challenges of life and would celebrate with me in times of self-discovery.

Originally posted on September 18, 2016 on my blog, http://www.theroadmapendshere.com

Each Time I Sat Down to Write, I Was Listening to that Same Inner Voice

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