New Glasses, Fresh Perspective

The first time I got glasses as an adult was a major event for me. Because I was self-conscious about how I looked in glasses, I had worn contacts ever since I needed glasses for more than just seeing the blackboard (age 12). Then in my mid-twenties I had an eye condition that necessitated that I not wear contacts for 2 months—ahh!

After processing my frustration and fear over my new image, I took it as a growth opportunity. Wearing glasses wasn’t the only new thing in my life—I was also newly graduated from my masters program and entering the world as a professional. My new glasses were a part of my professional image as well as my personal one.

A few years later I was in need of a new pair of glasses and I was also craving a new look. I bought these great cat-eye black frames. I felt pretty, pensive, and confident.

It was a new beginning for sure—more so internally—since that very night, I was flying to San Francisco for an all-women’s personal growth retreat. I was afraid that I wouldn’t see so well as I walked in the airport, but thankfully my eye’s adjusted to my new glasses within an hour or two and I was just fine.

I had also just started dating the young man who would become my husband. That year, we would get engaged and soon after married. These glasses came at such an auspicious time in my life, thank G-d.

And so, when my toddler daughter grabbed them and threw them on the floor a few weeks ago for the first time (there have been several times since!), I began to grieve for these cherished glasses of mine. I’ve had them for four years. I love how they frame my face. I still prefer contacts, but these have been my favorite glasses yet.

I’m never one for change. Especially unanticipated, unwanted change. I still can’t believe I won’t be wearing these glasses soon (thankfully my husband has been able to superglue the lens to the frame for the past couple of weeks).

Although I will miss them dearly, I hope these new glasses accompany me into bigger and better things.

New SPECTs are an opportunity for introSPECTion; for gratitude for the past; and for hope for the future.

Here’s to freshening things up a bit and walking forward with our chins held high!


New Glasses Bring a Fresh Perspective

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