Connecting to Your Inner Rhythm: We Are Humans, Not Machines

At the end of my morning yoga session I lay in savassana. Lying in savassana (corpse pose) is a way to integrate all the physical benefits of the yoga poses, as well as a great tool for calming the nerves!

As I lay in savassana, I heard something rhythmically pulsing in my house. And that reminded me to tune in to the rhythm of my own heartbeat. I put my hand on my chest, and then my belly—since feeling my breath was more accessible.

I felt my belly rise on the inhale and descend on the exhale.

And I thought about how I am a human. I have a heart. I have a breath.

And how many times have I tried to deny this very basic fact of my existence?

More like, how many times, have I not?

Every day, all day, I am rushing around, pressuring myself to get it all done. Going AGAINST the very rhythm that I mentioned: my breath, my heartbeat. Which leads me to feeling mentally unhappy—stressed out and anxious—and it also ain’t good for heart health as we all know.

So I was grateful for that gentle reminder this morning that I am a human being, not a machine.

Will I be able to remember this throughout the day? That is another question.

But I’m trying. For example, as I write this, I am standing outside under the trees, listening to the chirping of the birds.

Nature connects me to my inner rhythm.

What helps you?

Nature Connects Me to My Inner Rhythm, What Helps YOU?

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