Where Did I Put That?! The Art of Letting Go

Recently we moved. There were a couple of items I put aside to MAKE SURE I wouldn’t lose track of them during the move.

Guess what?

I lost track!

I made my husband go back to the apartment again and again to check. “It must be there!” I thought.

Then this morning I accepted, I mean really accepted, that it was gone. I’m talking about useful things but not very expensive ones—panty liners for me, swimming diapers for my daughter.

I didn’t want to spend the extra 10 bucks or so when I just knew I had it. More than that, I wanted to trust that my brain works, it actually functions—I have not gone crazy!

Then I realized I was driving myself crazy in an effort to prove I wasn’t crazy…crazy, right?

So I committed to letting go.

I would never see those objects I COULD HAVE SWORN I had.

It’s a loss. A small monetary one. A bigger one when it comes to my desire to feel in control and on top of my environment.

But if letting go is what I need to move forward in my life—literally, I need to get out the door and get to work!—than letting go I shall!

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