Where Did My Nutrition Website Go?

I made a website when I started my part-time nutrition private practice a few years ago. I had also made one years before that to be a platform for my yoga and Pilates teaching.

I saw a website as validating who I was as a professional. And I didn’t mind that it didn’t get much traffic or that my clients found out about me primarily through word of mouth, independent of my website.

Well times change. I am now a full-time early childhood educator (for more than a year now!) and my husband and I are raising a family and I simply don’t have the desire to shell out $200 to Wix anymore.

I love my mindful nuggets blog (the one you are reading, Hi!). I feel like I have enough on my plate.

I am budgeting my money as well as my time,

Most of all, I am giving myself permission to just be me and not feel I need the validation of having a website just to say I have a website.

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