Relearning Meditation at Life’s Transitions

I trained to become a yoga instructor in 2009 and 2010. I was practicing yoga, breathing exercises, and mindfulness meditation on an almost daily basis. Then I got injured at the end of 2011, and all that basically went out the window. Who wants to slow down and be in their body just so they can FEEL their PAIN? Not me!

Recently I was speaking with a like-minded co-worker who said that having kids is a big transition and meditative practices that we may have previously practiced need to be relearned.

We need to REEDUCATE our bodies and minds for how to calm down and live in the moment in EACH and EVERY significant life change.

I guess that explains why I was “so good” at it while I was a grad student training to become a yoga instructor, but haven’t been as into it since. My previous practice INFORMS my current ability to meditate and find STILLNESS but is does NOT REPLACE it.

I have to rededicate myself and retrain myself in all the twists and turns of my life.

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