Hello, Blogosphere

Hello, Blogosphere 
A world I hold close and dear
Where I can openly express my fear,
Without people looking at me queer.

For if I tell it to a friend
Perhaps that relationship would end
If they really knew what was behind
My cheerful face—a weary mind.

And when I blog, I am unique,
The words spoken are those only I speak
Thoughts pure from my heart—
With perhaps a tweak.

Without this blog
I'm but a cog
On the treadmill of life in endless jog,
Living in infinite fog.

Here is where I feel clarity,
Where I can simply be—be me.
My fingers find serenity,
My heart begins to ponder glee.

If you visit, I hope you care,
Take a look from here to there.
Perhaps in a moment that is spare,
You'll find something hidden there.

An idea, a spark that reignites,
Your own battle with dark and light,
To know there are others in this fight,
To make your thoughts somewhat more bright.

So I thank you for visiting,
For taking time to see this thing.
For me, it is an offering,
Where thoughts as well as prayers are king.

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