Releasing Guilt, Changing Expectations

My thoughts after the first winter where my kid (she’s 2!) and I both got the flu. Grateful it wasn’t that severe, nevertheless this is what I’ve learned about my body’s healing as a mother. And I believe it’s accentuated by working with toddlers in my full-time job as well.

When you are a mom, you care for the life of another human-being, this takes away energy from your reserve for your own healing when you get sick. Also caring for your children and/or children in a preschool depletes you of energy. Therefore healing from a sickness may take longer since your body isn’t resting as much when you are sick (or ever) compared to before you had a kid. (B.K. Before Kid ;))

I’m writing this since this week I had yet another lesson in needing to change my expectations. This time in relation to when I would get all better. (And go to the gym again, ah I miss my pool!)

It hasn’t been that bad, although it is frustrating.

On the plus side, I’ve enjoyed the SNL YouTube videos I watched while vegging out and resting my body.

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