Packing So Much Into a Minute; Missing the Moment

I tried to pack in as many billable minutes as possible before I ordered my ride to my scheduled doctor’s appointment. I’ve always been one to pack too much into the moment. This remote job really brings it out in me. What a mess.

Here’s the thing. Yes, I might get another 5 minutes of work done, but then I rush. I never schedule time to bring food. Happened this morning with my daughter’s lunch too. All of a sudden I need to make her food and I just tried to work so much I didn’t pencil in time to put her lunchbox together. Or make my own lunch ahead of time since I know even though I’m home for lunch time today I wouldn’t be taking time out of my remote job to chop the eggs.

I really hope that knife I grabbed off the counter that cut my lemon earlier this morning (lots of tea for me, lots of fluids—I’m under the weather), that I just used to cut my banana bread didn’t ruin the tin. I was careful not to scrape it—but who knows, maybe I did. All that rushing, anything could happen!

Truth is in the moment. Nature works at its intrinsic, natural pace. Can’t boil water faster by yelling at it, etc. Leaves grow on trees at whatever rate.

Knowing this rationally is one thing. Rewiring my deeply-seeded desire to be productive and make money is another ball of wax.

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