3-Legged Table

A few years after my father passed away, I remember feeling like my mom, brother, and I were like a 3-legged table. We had been a 4-legged table, then one leg got removed and things were shaky/unknown, but then over time I felt like we were a balanced, stable 3-legged table. We adapted. We created something new given the new circumstances. The abyss of pain in our hearts would always be there, but there was this sense of stability.

Living with social distancing is not the same as losing a parent, but it is unsettling in its own way. As is this whole Covid-19 crisis.

It’s been 2 months now and I wonder if there are those out there who have adjusted to this “new (albeit temporary) normal” (although things are not going to be normal for a while even when we start moving in that direction—it will take time, it’s a process).

Have you come to experience stability in your 3-legged table?

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