Mental Unrest: Work-from-Home Entrepreneur

Working from home for my preschool job these past few weeks has been challenging as well as fun. I miss my students but also enjoy coming up with virtual ways to connect with and educate them.

Being at home, I have also begun to focus more on developing my virtual nutrition private practice. I’ve always preferred virtual and now I don’t have a choice so I am streamlining my efforts to provide virtual nutrition counseling and education.

Working on my private practice more intensely in recent days I am reminded of how stressful being an entrepreneur is: so much to do, so little time—especially when I have to care for my two year old!

When I worked as a full-time dietitian in a clinic I appreciated how I could leave my work in the office. Entrepreneurial work, not so. The plus side of entrepreneurial work is that it is the pure, unadulterated expression of your soul. The downside is, without excellent organization and time management skills, it can eat away at you. Being prone to anxiety and also wanting to get things done and not have them hang over me, I am finding it difficult to shut down my brain. There is always more to do. I want to finish my one-week to-do list in a day to get it off my chest.

I continue to have unrealistic expectations (as I have in life in other areas, such as relationships) and I continue to disappoint myself.

I am restless. I am getting poor-quality sleep many nights.

Every time I remember to check in with breath, it is shallow—unsurprisingly. I take a deep breath. My brain begins to slow down.

How many deep breaths will it take for my mind to calm? For this emotional turbulence to subside?

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