“Limited Choices is Better than Endless Choices”

To help my aforementioned anxiety, I started to break down my large goals into smaller ones. For example, instead of “reformat all 25 handouts for 5 sessions.” I wrote, “make an outline of handout titles; then reformat handouts from one session per day.”

I felt much better after committing to this since it was much more manageable, more realistic—I didn’t feel like I had to accomplish everything at once.

I also created a schedule of my day with realistic time windows. Thinking, “How much time with this actually take?” As opposed to, “How quickly I want it to happen.”

The next day I watched a YouTube video that reinforced these strategies. Rabbi Manis Friedman discussed how a toy store is overwhelming for a kid—seeing all those toys and not knowing which one to choose. That was exactly how I had felt about my private practice opportunities! He went on to say, “the Ten Commandments don’t take away your freedom, they liberate you to function in a healthy, successful way.”

I can’t believe I happened upon this video at the time I so needed to hear it!

Link here: https://youtu.be/R8bwFue3vB8

Once I set more realistic goals, I was much happier

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