Early Voting, Covid Tests

Early voting
Covid tests 
Working mama
With no rest

Closer to the edge
But not of glory
Stress, pressure, fear
Tells a different story

Hasn't my week been hard enough
On call Sunday evening was so tough
Indulged my kid when I got home
Slept crappily that night again, like a drone—

Got up the next day and went to work
Completed my to-do list but felt like a jerk

Brain was foggy, 
Passion unignited
My yearning for gratitude and joy
Went unrequited

Today was a better day, or so I thought
Wake up to messages so fraught

So it's early voting, Covid tests
Farther am I from some much-needed rest
From this reality, I'd like to divest
We live in difficult times, we can all attest

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