What I am Is What I am

The title of this essay was inspired by the song “What I am” by Edie Brickell & New Bohemians.

I’m flying on the airplane and watching the flight stats on the screen. It says the measurements in “imperial” and “metric.” I always knew the US was NOT metric. But I didn’t know it had a name for it. Today I learned that it is named “imperial” since it was instituted by the British empire.

Learn something new every day!


Often, we know what we are not.

Growing up, I knew I didn’t fit in. I knew I wasn’t like them.

Less so was my focus on what I was:

A thoughtful, kind girl with a heart of gold who would go on to be a healer and a helper for her future clients, family members, and friends.

It’s easier to see something and say we are NOT that.

It takes more time, more discernment, to define WHAT we ARE. The first step is courage—to see yourself for what you are, not what you think you should be, or how others think you should be, or what you think others think you should be.

The second step is a bit more effortless. Now, just sit back and observe yourself. What makes you tick? How do you behave in your natural habitat?

Get to know YOU.

And then stop taking yourself for granted!!!

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