Grieving About Moving

Last month we were told our lease wouldn’t be renewed since they wanted to sell the home.

Thank G-d, we found a good alternative in this quick span of time.

But I am still grieving over leaving this house that we happily resided in for two years.


I’m dreading walking down the street and passing by my former home. Will it be like running into an old boyfriend? Being flooded with memories of what we shared, the happy times, the connection. The parts of me I can’t get back.

I feel like I’ve been broken up with. I feel sad.

Goodbye To You – Michelle Branch

2 thoughts on “Grieving About Moving

    1. Thank you David. I guess I found it surprising that moving from a house I rented for two years could feel so visceral of a grief. I didn’t expect that. But I think once we start opening our heart to heal in any area of life, it just creates more open-heartedness and raw feeling to whatever comes our way.
      I used to judge myself for my “abnormal” responses to things. But now I just go with it, honor it, let it be as it is and listen to what it tells me.

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