In the Words of Doja Cat…

I have Doja Cat to thank for my becoming more confident in my self-expression.

When I watched her interview with MTV a couple months back she said she is doing what she loves and she is so happy others enjoy it—cuz she gonna keep on producing her style.

The thing is, the video she made that got her famous was horribly cheesy (there was actual cheese involved) as well as slutty. Let me first explain, she wasn’t acting slutty, but she was showing a ton of cleavage. And as someone who grew up going to school in skirts and high-cut, longer-sleeve shirts, I am sensitive to this.

After watching the video, I wanted to erase it from my memory. I called Will Smith up for his MIB memory erasing device.

Alas, he did not pick up. And we share a birthday!! I so thought I had an in!!!!

That is not true, that was just a comedic detour. I’m not crazy—at least not in that way….

Anyway, after watching this video that was both intriguing and appalling, disgusting and amusing, I thought to myself:

Here I am self-conscious about my writing, my form of art, that I put out into the world. Umm, there is no need to feel what I have is not worth sharing. Every blog I write, every corny joke I make. None of it will be as [place word here] as that Doja Cat video.

Let me be honest. In general, I like her rhythm. I am rooting for her. I’m just not gonna let my daughter (or likely, myself) watch her videos since they leave a bad taste in my soul. Although I was shepping nachas (Yiddush for being proud of her) when she covered up so well at an awards show a couple months ago, when other female singers were showing way, way too much skin.

I get it. It’s not her. It’s our culture that feeds into this cheap sexuality thing. In her first video she played into that. In that awards show, she didn’t. She wore a cool spacesuit that actually had enough cloth to cover her up. I was proud of her—no joke!!!

The moral of the story is: Do YOU!

Nothing I write/produce will be detrimental to people’s moral code or soul. If anything, it may just be uninteresting, but it’s not going to bring people lower, take them away from joy, or desensitize their souls.

Thus, I continue to type away on my laptop.

Thank you Doja Cat, for that reminder that what I have to say is at worst harmless and at most inspiring.

I needed that extra fire under my modestly-covered bum!!

2 thoughts on “In the Words of Doja Cat…

  1. I’m a new follower, Gila, and I loved your post!

    So many of us, I feel, tend to become what we believe everyone else wants us to be, what is “acceptable”. We, each of us, is made in the form or fashion we’re meant to be to bring beauty and vibrancy to this world. When we hide our unique selves away because it is “safe”, we steal some of it, not only from the world around us, but from ourselves. 💖

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