What’s Wrong with Being Confident?


I used to think that some people were just lucky because they were popular and always got invited out. Like they had some sort of pizzaz that just drew people toward them.

Now I’m wondering if it’s more so that the universe is just giving them back the energy that they put in.

Like I know this woman who seems really social and outgoing and is well-liked and everything.

But the thing is, she doesn’t just get by with her pretty smile. She hosts guests for Shabbat meals often. She volunteers in the community.

She’s got this aura of beauty and confidence around her.

This used to make me jealous. To be honest, on some level, it still does.

But I am beginning to shift out of the victim mindset that has dragged me down all these years.

I’m focusing more on what I can bring to the table, not on what others can do for me. (JFK would be proud 😉 )

I’ve been feeling more confident in recent months.

I used to think that confidence was obnoxious.

Now I realize that confidence is beautiful. I’m not detracting from other’s lives if I’m living my best one.

Actually, quite the opposite. In my more empowered state, I can better advocate for people. And I can better help them thrive in their own lives.

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