Part 2 – The Antidote

What is an antidote to forcing food down or other methods of numbing emotions?



Acceptance of what is

Instead of pushing it down

And/or running away from it

Carrying oneself with dignity and self-love

Even when times are hard

On Shabbat, G-d invites us to step away from all the distractions.

I used to think He was being mean. Like He wanted me to mull in negative feelings.

Why can’t I just escape and watch a movie?!

Why can’t I just progress my business?

Now I think G-d is saying He loves us just as we are.

And so too he wants us to just be.

Once a week. Every seven days.

To be with ourselves.

Just as we are.

And just as we are not.

To not escape. To not distract.

He loves us.

So too, we can love ourselves.


For ppl going through emotionally hard times on Shabbat, we can have an extra practice of self-compassion that we take with us on this 25-hour journey.

To keep us company.

To keep us afloat.

To keep us in love.

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