I’m Not Your…

Barbie dollHot side pieceDistraction ThrillSide chick I’mCreativeMessyEmbodying infinity UndefinedConstantly evolvingI take up spaceDo you have room for all that?……………I’m not a piece of the puzzleI am the puzzle For more of my writings, visit giladaman.substack.com. To check out my latest book, Inner Piece: Decluttering a Soul, click here.


Tonight into tomorrow will mark 15 years after my father’s sudden passing. Even before he passed away, my whole life I struggled with low self-esteem. But I covered it up with good grades and people pleasing. Well, the illusion of control shattered in my senior year of college when I got the call from my … Continue reading Be YOU

I See You

I see your scarsI see your errors I see your fears I see your tremors You are more than the sum of your partsYou are more than the endless fragmentations of your broken heart When you feel broken, I see you, wholeWhen shackled to your bodyI see your soul