I Have 50 Children

People from the outside love love love to judge people on how many kids they have. Honestly, myself included at times. We’re all human y’all. And judging is part of that!

I even judge myself, believe it or not!

And if you’ve been following my blog, you’d know that to be true 😉

Well, this morning I thought about how I may only have one biological child—my vivacious 3.5 yo daughter—but I’m nurturing and caring for 50 children!

That sounds insane.

Let me explain.

In addition to the shadow work which I referenced in the previous blog post, I am involved in inner child work.

Inner child work is going back into the painful places inside of ourselves where the wound of an event/relationship first occurred.

It’s quieting one’s monkey brain—aka non-stop thinking—to tune into deep parts of ourselves.

Parts that are ALWAYS there, y’all.

They are just subconscious.

But guess what y’all, they run the show anyway!

They guide our decisions in life, our attitudes, whether we like it or not.

I have a lot of wounded parts within me. A lot of inner children, or various ages, crying, wishing that I would hear them out.

I’m on the road to healing.

But I need the time and space to tend my inner children.

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