Daughter Turns 4!

Happy Birthday to my daughter! And happy birthaversary to me!

Y’all, motherhood is hard!

For different reasons at different stages. But always it’s a challenge in self-care.

I forgot my lunch today. It’s hard planning for your kid and yourself and your family all the time.

I got so lucky.

My own mother, who is in town for the birthday, was able to drop off the dish I forgot at home.

I’m embarrassed to say that. I’m 36!

But, man, I needed that pass so bad.

I was so grateful. And it reminded me how, as an adult, I have to mother myself too, not only my child.

It’s a lot of time, and effort, and planning.

But it is and will forever be, well worth it.

And when I fall off the horse, as I inevitably do, on those days when I don’t plan well and feel like I can EAT a horse, at least I know what to aim for next time.

To have enough for myself. To feel nourished. To feel supported.

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