Why Now?

That phrase could mean, “Why is this happening now?”

Alternatively, it can connote, “Why focus on the Now?” As in the present moment discussed by Eckhart Tolle and many other mindfulness experts.

Well, I’m going to touch on both of these phrases, and would you believe it—they are actually connected!

When our brain goes to the thought of “Why is this happening now?” with a tone of unrest and frustration it can help to focus on the Now. So “Why focus on the Now” becomes an antidote to “Why is this happening now?” It puts a pause to the racing thoughts and the rabbit hole of emotions.

Now, there is another tone that “Why is this happening now?” can take other than unrest, frustration, etc, and that is one of nonjudgmental observation. Well, in that case, you have already arrived at focusing on the Now without consciously asking yourself to, so you are good to go.

Let’s end with another philosophical question, “What is the likelihood of monkeys typing the alphabet on a computer?”

Wait, no, not that one.


“What are the odds of me being able to type this out while a monkey is hanging on my arm?”

Not very.

But somehow the universe has graced me with this window of opportunity.

Wherever you are, and no matter how many monkeys are hanging off your arms—be it children or life conundrums, I hope your Sunday goes swimmingly.

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