Free Time, Free the Mind

Recently someone asked me what I do on my day off.

Well there’s cooking and cleaning, as well as just being and chilling, perhaps hiking. And of course, therapy! I found it quite hard to add therapy to evenings when working 5 days a week and caring for my daughter. It’s downright exhausting and far less effective.

So I gave myself the gift of time. I’m super grateful for my day off; that my job was able to be flexible in that way; that I’ve given myself a little more time/space to breathe.

My main goal is not to do too much. To BE instead of DO. To practice mindfulness meditation.

To Power Down.

But life happens, and we all need to eat, so while fighting to carve out time to BE instead of DO, I also cook, clean, etc to keep the home running and well-fed!

How do you strike a balance between getting things done and self-care?

Brunching After Taking My Daughter to School

3 thoughts on “Free Time, Free the Mind

    1. Thanks. I found that phrase quite enlightening as well when I first heard it! Can’t believe it was already 15 years ago. But mindfulness practice is something to come back to again and again.

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