What’s a Purim?!

A story the director of Hillel told us at a meeting once that someone passed by a flyer in the student lounge about a Purim event and said “What’s a Purim?” As in, a lot of the school body celebrated it, but many did not, and some did not even know about this more minor Jewish holiday.

For more on what Purim is, click here.

Similar to reading the Bible and finding new lessons in old passages each time we read, different things pop out at me each year I attend the annual Megillah reading.

This year’s lessons:

Life can be upside down at times. But G-d is behind the scenes and we are not alone. There is a path. Even if we can’t see it from our vantage point.

Sometimes we may play up our weaknesses and overlook our strengths. King Achashverosh awoke one night remembering he never honored Mordechai for saving him from the evil plot of two men seeking to kill him.

Then he had Mordechai paraded around on a horse.

We too have to give ourselves credit where credit is due and not take ourselves for granted.

Finally, this day is a topsy turvy day for dressing up in costume, but it is also commentary on how we all wear masks on a daily basis.

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