Mama’s Song

Sick to my stomach
Cuz I miss something
I never knew existed
Most my life

It's twisted

Wait for the day
To be greeted
Overcome the voices

Thinking it will never happen
The thing I want the most
Can't even fathom

One day she arrives
A blessing wrapped
In cotton

She's a miracle of life

I’m tired but I keep marching on
Keep marching

Now she's five
Still the apple of my eyes

Stretching me more then I’d like
At times

The greatest blessing ever to grace
The memories that can't ever erase

My very own daughter

Bubbly and precocious
My little actress

And now I'm sick to my stomach
Cuz this being that I'm glued to
for all eternity
Who is her own personality,
But in some ways my mini-me

Well, she'll be spending
Her first vacay with her father

And I'll be yearning for my daughter

Sick to my stomach

While I try to recharge

So I can take charge

And give her the best a mamma can offer
when she returns

The cuddles and hugs for which I will yearn

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