Would You Rather Be

Would you rather be happy or famous 
Flawed or blameless?
You think fame will give you a name
Raise your status
Erase your shame

But only you can do that
To thine own self be true
Don’t be chasing after visions
Just simply be you

Fame doesn’t erase your pain
It adds more to your already full plate
Stresses you out, while what remains is inner hate

Actually worsens what you came out to fix
Now you’re in a world surrounded by even more pricks

More naysayers, and more noise

When really all you wanted was a quiet space
To relieve yourself of your woes
Release the burdens from your head to your toes

Why not just skip all the illusory games?
Work on your self-acceptance instead of chasing fame

Lay down a foundation of care and compassion
And who knows, maybe after it all, you’ll get known for your passion

But is that really the priority
And could you even bear it?

With your current self-talk, I’d all but swear that

You can’t handle any more pressure, any more burdens
The way you tear yourself down, those inner voices—
You heard ‘em?

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