Hi! I hope you have had a good Thanksgiving. (Weekend still going!)

Holidays can have a slew of emotions around them when gathering with family.

I am very fortunate in that this year my Thanksgiving was pure joy! Honestly, every time I gather with family on Thanksgiving it’s a happy time, but this year was another level.

For the past five years since moving to Georgia, I have not seen my family on Thanksgiving. My husband, daughter, and I instead went on lovely Georgia outdoorsy family adventures—which were great (love the 65 degree and sunny vibes!), but deep down I also missed my family, especially my cousins, whom I really only see consistently on this annual occasion.

Add to that, that I haven’t even been home for anything for the past 13 months—which have been the hardest months of my life.

And together you get a recipe for sheer joy upon reuniting with family.

Journeying out to a land unknown to achieve one’s visions is an amazing opportunity.

But separating oneself from one’s roots, if the family tree is healthy ;), can only last so long.

And the time was ripe for me to come home and water my roots.

And what a joy it was!

Heading home…

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