We Are Born

Name of a Sia album.

We are born into this world. We are born with distinct personality traits. We are born into a family, a neighborhood, a culture. Who will we become? We are impacted by each one.

Life goes on and we accrue experiences. Some quite powerful. Some more discreet, but still deeply impactful.

How do our life experiences inform our lives? Do we follow a path set out to us, or create one organically as we go along?

And who’s to say which is right, and which is wrong?

I can tell you the details of what life has had in store for me. Connect the dots between major game-changing events and my life choices.

But are those details really relevant?

It’s not the details of what happened itself, but the spark it ignited in me. How it catalyzed my life in a certain direction. And how it informs who I am and what I bring into the world on a daily basis.

Is it about productivity and achievement?

I’d argue not.

Rather, actions spurred by experiences. Making meaning of our lives, of what we are given. Being placed in this world, with distinct personality traits, into a family, into a community. Going on to find our place, a home that resonates deeply with our hearts and speaks the language of our soul.

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