Living in Awareness

There’s something about the day-to-day that desensitizes us from our inner greatness. But then you have those moments that beckon you to dig deep and you are reminded of the amazingness that is your humanity.

Recently, I had two such instances. The first was when we arrived at an event which my daughter was very excited about. But, unbeknownst to us, it was going to start later than anticipated. She really wanted to wait and stay. But there wasn’t any place to wait. I validated her disappointment and then told her we could go get pizza and come back. And that’s what we did.

Earlier in the day, I had just gotten myself out of somewhat of an emotional ditch and just hours later, here I was, teaching my daughter resilience and making the best out of less-than-ideal situations. And I just did it on the spot. I showed up for her and helped her through.

Then, later at the pizza shop, there was a child who ran out of the shop. I noticed there were no adults with the child and went out and brought them back inside since they were about to venture out into the parking lot.

In both circumstances, my gut instinct was strong and I acted with confidence and grace.

It was a much-appreciated reminder that no matter how discouraged I may feel at times, when needed, I show up strong and assertive.

Experiences like this shine a light on our true nature, of what we are capable of.

If only we could always live with this awareness of our intrinsic greatness.

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