Those Rainy Days

Rainy day here in Atlanta. Not sure what your weather is like. But speaking of rainy days, you know those scenes in TV and movies where there is a somber event occurring and they pair it with a rainstorm? I’m recalling one scene from Friends with Joey sitting by a window, looking out, with the heavy rain pouring down.

Our culture seems to value happy moods more than somber ones. But truly, just like the weather, all moods and emotions have their place. And just as we don’t have to assign morality to our food choices, such as calling ourselves “bad” for eating brownies or “good” for choosing green beans over French fries, so too, we can have a more neutral approach to emotions.

To allow all emotions to pass through us. Because that’s what they are, e-motion: energy in motion.

But sometimes it’s easier said than done.

And some days/periods can be difficult.

The important thing is to remember that whether happy or sad, playful or ruminative, we are still lovable.

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