Creative Writing Is My Jam

One of the things I like about working in a preschool is being able to use my communication and writings skills. In particular, I enjoy writing a weekly synopsis for the parents of what we did each week. Today, it was suggested that I look over another teacher’s weekly summary. I took this very personally. My ego was bruised. “Do you not like how I wrote it last week?” I asked. And then she went on to explain that last week’s was fine, but I could glean ideas from this other teacher’s work.

I want to microanalyze (is that a word?) my internal response to this situation. I took it personally. I was deeply offended. I felt criticized—even after she said, “I’m not criticizing you.”

Since training to be a water safety instructor has dredged up self-aware thoughts (more on that next week), I was able to openly communicate how I understood what she said. I told her, “I personalize things. That’s not your fault. But I’m not sure what you meant to convey.”

I am writing about this for two reasons.

One, what is your immediate internal response when someone says something that triggers you? What is your self-talk?

Two, do you have a hobby (mine is writing) that you cherish and when people comment on it, you are particularly sensitive to what they say?

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