Stress Management Tips

Stress needs to be managed moment to moment, as well as daily, so it doesn’t build up to the point of lashing out. Practicing healthy coping mechanisms for stress throughout the day (e.g. breathing, light stretching, positive affirmations) helps diffuse the stress so it doesn’t build up.

Doing a mindfulness practice for a few minutes a day teaches our body the relaxation response, so when we get into a stressful situation our body HAS a relaxation response. We can’t just be like: Okay, I’m mad. Now, I’m going to go meditate. Who meditates when they are mad? One is too emotional to slow down. Practice it when you’re calm, so it self-activates when you’re mad.

Also plan your schedule to involve time for recovery: a break from busyness and stress. For example, take your lunch break—don’t skip it. And use at least part of your lunch break for self-care (i.e. don’t use it up by running errands and/or checking your phone).

Give yourself permission to stop working before you poop out and are at 0%. For instance, working super long hours can lead to becoming completely depleted So leave work earlier or get there later. If you are in a job that you can’t keep up with unless you are taking yourself to 0%, then perhaps that job isn’t for you. Ahh, that’s a scary thing to change, but maybe it is necessary. Or perhaps you simply need to rehash how you approach your job and how you organize your tasks at work.

Get more sleep. Sleep is so restorative. It keeps your hormones in balance and helps calm your nerves. Same goes for eating. Eat regularly. Don’t skip meals. Choose wholesome foods that fuel your body. You are less likely to become overly emotional and stressed out when you are well-rested and well fed (and well hydrated!).  

What are some other ways you keep your stress in check?

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