To the reality that your purpose is not what you SEE

Right in front of you.

There’s something deeper

Some inner truth.

Por ejemplo, you know that thing on your to-do list that keeps nagging at you? The challenge is not getting it done. It’s trusting yourself in the process. The long, grueling process of checking things off our list, of feeling like what we do matters. That we have some control over achieving success in life, in this vast universe where we are such a tiny dot—yet a powerful one at that.

Or those people you interact with at your job, day in and day out. What if the point wasn’t to get things done, but to enrich relationships, to provide hope. Even if only in the tone of our voice, or gifting another with that much-needed patience or listening ear.

Per ejemplo, some mornings I ask an extra question to a patient I am working with, or a phone interpreter who is calling a patient for a consult of mine. This extra question is: What does your name mean? Over the past 24 hours, I have gotten some marvelous responses. Beautiful names, rich in meaning, such as “Marvelous star” or “Beautiful painting.” In reality, we are each like a star in the great wide galaxy, shining bright. And each of our lives are beautiful paintings that tell a story.

And each of our names, they are a source of power for each of us. Whatever your name is, it imbues your identity with strength. What if every day, we reflected on the meaning of our names, to give us extra hope along this journey of life? Or took the time to ask others (in a socially appropriate way) what their names mean? Empowering them and empowering ourselves in the process.

Our life is not about the work we get done. But about the people we touch along the way.


Do I need to remind us what those are, in this digital age?

Make the most of your interactions.

Every one you meet is a universe onto themselves. And everything you do is an opportunity for growth and learning.

On that note—have a lovely, meaningful day 🙂

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