Projected Intimacy

A challenge I had when dating was that whenever I would share my writings with the guy, I felt closer to them. Even if it turned out they didn’t read it in the end, I immediately felt close just by merely sending it there way.

Why did I connect to easily?

Was my soul reaching out to find a spiritual ground?

Wanting something, someone to stabilize me in my spiritual journey?

Wanting someone to celebrate with?

Was I not able to simply be with a moment of growth/inspiration on my own?

Was it too heavy?

Was it too daunting?

Did I project the spiritual high onto the guy rather than realize that the spiritual high was the very event of realization itself?

And don’t even get me started on how invested I was in getting to know them and their story and how much closer I felt to them after learning more about them.

Projected Intimacy.

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