We live in an Age
When our parents’ undiagnosed Sh**
Is coming to Light

So Do what’s Right

And Go to Therapy

Dude, you thinks it’s fun going to therapy these past 15 years? I feel like I’ve been through the wringer!

Personal growth hurts. Like those growing pains I had in my legs as a kid.

But it also feels great at times, in the form of gaining clarity, feeling lighter, and thriving more. And getting lost less in habitual cycles!

Whether your parent/s had certain tendencies or not, in recent years we have gained a lot of insight into mental health.

We are also still in the midst of a major mental health crisis. And the lack of work-life balance in America can be…[place thumbs down here]

Not to mention the effects of the pandemic…

My prayer for myself and all else who need it is that along this bumpy road of self-discovery we find comfort and solace along the way.

Maybe it’s a vibrant pink rose, maybe a deep conversation with a friend, or feeling in flow with your favorite—or even top ten!—hobby!

It’s one step at a time.

So, join me, in telling the mind to be patient, as we learn to lead with the heart.

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