Strengths and…Weaknesses

Things I’m good at:

Working efficiently at my job.
Answering patients concerns with genuine care.
Being an empathetic and wise friend and coworker.
Having an open heart and being friendly and kind to others.

Things I’m less good at:

Being patient and/or nice after a poor night’s rest.
Having calm, relaxing mornings when I have to get to work.
Communicating calmly about things that deeply trigger me.
Acclimating to change.

There’s more to both, but that’s all for now.

It feels good to take pride in what I do well.

It feels icky to think about what I’m less swell at.

But they say I have to be honest about BOTH.

[Dragging my heels…] Ok…..

What does your list look like?

Soaking Up the Sun on My Day Off

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