Standing Tall

I remember years ago this guy who I was dating gave advice to a girl at the Shabbat table that even if her hair was a little messed up, if she was confident, she could pull it off.

Today I went to synagogue for the first time in two months. I had taken somewhat of a hiatus due to the colder temps and the heated nature of my personal life.

Going to shul with my family this Shabbat, felt like a reunion of sorts. I would have liked my manicure from Tuesday to have lasted better. It had some cracks. It wasn’t perfect.

But then again, neither am I.

But I trudge along nonetheless. And in the words of Imagine Dragons, I am my own #1, so I can continue with grace while acknowledging that I am a work in progress.

And I think that poise may make all the difference between focusing on the cracks in myself, in my manicure—and putting out positive energy and good vibes.

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