Happy 11-11-22

Not only is it 11-11. But 11+11= 22.

The fact that this week is culminating on 11/11 is meaningful to me cuz this has been a week of self-discovery.

Ironically it was through declining opportunities (both personal and professional) that I felt validated in who I am.

Opportunities that a greener, less experienced version of myself may have gone for. But not so looking at them from the current vantage point and making more informed decisions.

Sometimes we know what we want, by knowing what we don’t want.

And exploring things, just lets us know that where we are, is exactly where we want to be.

2 thoughts on “Happy 11-11-22

  1. Brilliantly subtle post Gila. It feels like you have reflected my own self with this post. I feel the same every now and then. I believe re-validation of the self is an utmost important step in any individual’s journey and needs to be done with prudence and patience! When well done, it gives ourselves a “fresh version of our own selves – more positive, and mindful, the most powerful “you””! All that we need is all-inherent, we just need to dive deep, within, and without to gain that clarified perception! More to bloom!
    Regards from your new admirer
    Ramya from right2reflect! 🙂

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