Marginalized Musings

I am committed to getting a new notebook tomorrow.

I know, saying big statements like this can be daunting, LOL. Behavior change is hard.

But seriously, I’m getting a new notebook. I’ve used up all the spare pages of the three I’ve been frequenting (they started out as different topics but then I just starting grabbing whichever one). And now I’m in my last one, writing in the margins—gasp!

I flashback to grad school when I used to write philosophical musings in the margins during applied physiology class.

All these internal musings, literally marginalized, sidelined.

But really they’ve always deserved their own notebook. And I did have journals for that at the time, just not with me in class. I figured I could get in a few hours without musings. Well, I was wrong. Having just lost my father the year prior, my subconscious kept going throughout the day. And so I was grateful for the space the margins afforded, even if it was limited!

Growing up, I always wrote little notes in the margins, hardly gave myself permission to start a new page. If they were parenthetical thoughts, to the margin they went! Or if I felt like they were thoughts related to the topic but I only had a couple more sentences I’d just stick them in the margin rather than start a new page.

I never liked taking up too much space or wasting paper, etc.

But over the years I’ve learned that my parenthetical thoughts are quite meaningful and hold a lot of truth and wisdom, if I give them space to be unpacked.

So off they go into the main pages of my notebooks. And off I go to the local supermarket to buy more notebooks!

Here’s to unapologetically making space for our inner life. To embracing it, instead of suppressing it!

Latest release, Inner Piece: Decluttering a Soul, available here.

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