What is Soul-Centered?

It can be a lot of things!

Here is part of my take on it:

Soul-centered is connecting to one’s breath.

Soul-centered is prioritizing one’s morning routine before getting caught up in the whirlwind of daily tasks and to-dos.

Soul-centered is having a morning practice which grounds you. What that looks like for me is morning stretches, and sometimes I add in some reiki as well.

Our soul is quiet. It is a small, still voice. It is intangible. We may forget it even exists. But once one drops into a soul-centered practice for a few moments, one can start to notice their everyday worries fade away, as one’s soul, one’s heart, one’s emotions, start to emerge into the safe space which was created for them.

Soul-centered also means recognizing that we are a soul in the vehicle of a body, and thus properly fueling our body with a breakfast that will sustain and nourish us. If you are someone who feels better eating for the first time later in the day, this may likely not apply to you. As for me, I’m in the category of feeling depleted when I don’t get a hardy breakfast in within an hour of waking up!

The world moves fast and there is so much on our plate each and every day.

It can be hard, so very hard, to live a soul-centered life.

What does living a soul-centered life look like for you?

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