At Your Core

Being in weekly therapy isn’t always easy. I’ve been doing it for more than fifteen years. I started dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) one and a half years ago. It was something I considered years before, but didn’t dive into, cuz I wasn’t really sure what it was, whether I fit the demographic to do it, and, significantly, I thought it could only be done by taking several weeks off from work.

When I did decide to do DBT, I looked at a few options, and ended up doing one in which I would meet with a DBT therapist for two hours a week.

Self-work can be arduous, it doesn’t have the word “work” in it for nothing!

But there was also something of a relief that I knew that if I had issues/concerns come up, I could work through them through the extensive DBT resources, as opposed to have to read from a variety of books, or research things on the internet.

It was a one-stop shop. Chock full of ideas for managing a variety of situations, having much breadth into a variety of topics while also plunging deep to the core of issues, and providing great hands-on tools.

As I move, I think about how many resources I have now versus when I bought all these self-help books throughout the years.

Books that addressed aspects of my concerns, but not nearly as comprehensively guiding me as the DBT workbook/therapy. In downsizing, I kept certain books that were still at the core of my healing, but got rid of many that I had looked to prior to delving into the wisdom and resources of DBT.

Hopefully these books will find their way to people who are searching for answers; serve as guideposts along the way of the very complex journey that is life, self-discovery, and healing.

Latest release, Inner Piece: Decluttering a Soul available here.

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