Sex/Life Commentary Part 2

I appreciated how they showed how Brad had a lot of deep-seeded issues and how they played out in his hurting Billie.

Then, when he did end up resolving his internal conflict, he healed a lot.

The way he healed and transformed so completely is part of the fantasy of the show. Trauma and it’s repercussions don’t just evaporate into thin air. Yes, there can be a lot of healing, but at least some of it is likely going to require continued inner work.

That being said, the first part is very relevant: how hurt people hurt people. Dating in my twenties, I gave my heart to several people who truly did not deserve it, let alone know how to protect it.

I didn’t have the awareness that I do now. More than that, I didn’t have the tools—to protect my heart. I’ve learned that this is my job, not anyone else’s. And I’ve learned how to do it.

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) has afforded me with those tools and I am forever grateful.

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