Serenity and Consicous Living

I started reading a book called Serenity by Rabbi Zelig Pliskin. He uses the word to represent inner peace and living in the moment.

I’ve tried to live in the present—let go of the past, stop mind-racing toward the future. I’ve attempted this on and off for more than a decade.

Maybe this time will work?

Funnily enough, this time I’m not trying to implement rules into my life, or to finish the book fast. I’m going with the inherent style of the book—reading one of its small chapters a night.

Maybe my subconscious brain (i.e. when I sleep) will learn better than my conscious brain.

Maybe I will learn Conscious living in Subconscious ways!

I’m hoping these mini lessons form a backdrop in my mind and guide me, quietly, throughout my day.

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