Empathy Is Key

They say a smile is magical. When you share it you lose nothing, but the other gains hope, encouragement, and comfort. I’d like to add to this that a smiley, friendly, empathetic remark is priceless.

Last week when our water was off due to a block-wide water leak, I went back after my morning workout to shower at the gym. Already in the changing room, I realized I had forgotten my towel. I muttered “Oh uh” to myself and the young woman across from me said, “I always forget something.” We were both new to showering at the gym post workout. I went on to tell her it was my towel I forgot, and how a water leak on my block caused me to come to shower at the gym. I said, “You just got to laugh when life gets crazy like that.” She smiled, nodded in agreement, and wished me good luck.

Her kind presence and compassionate remarks really helped soften the blow.

The magic of a compassionate smile and an empathetic remark.

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