Waiting for Whom?

I texted you, you weren't there
So I'm the only one who cares

I'm left alone meandering, helpless
Pandering for attention, loveless

But not if I decide to close heart
To pretend I didn't care from the start

What's that? You answered me?
But I was high

High on life
Not just trying to get by

Rich with experiences and self-love
In a pool, with glitter, releasing doves

I didn't hear my phone go off
In lieu of praying, instead I scoff

I'm way too busy loving me
I'm way too loose and fancy free

No longer distractable
Don't care if I'm attractable
My love is retractable

You take it too far—
Who do you think that you are?

Cuz I'm just like a boomerang
I came your way, I went insane

But I came back to solid ground
To my own self I returned and found

I'm happy here, just where I am
No longer need to devise an escape plan

For this is where I stand,
and proudly

I speak my truth
And say it loudly

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